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Visual Effects Company Should Be So Subtle That You Think They’re real

Visual effects should be so subtle that you think they’re real. Top image via Roy Peker. This must-watch video from Roy Peker is a great example of the power of visual effects. …

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The New Artificial Intelligence Frontier Of VFX – Rotoscoping services

Arraiy’s A.I.-based tracking solution being utilized to solve both camera match-moving and object tracking of a person. If there’s a buzz phrase right now in visual effects, it’s “machine learning.” …

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How ‘Welcome to Chechnya’ used A.I. and machine learning techniques to mask the doco’s subjects

If one is to look into the technological future, the visual effects industry will be transformed with the proliferation of real-time rendering, AI and virtual production methodologies.

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Real-Time CG Humans Hit The Big-Time

Epic Games’ Unreal Engine was used in the Siren project to craft a photoreal digital actor based off of a live actor performance. (Image courtesy of Epic Games) Just as …

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Accurately Recreating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

TIME and Digital Domain undertook an exceedingly ambitious project to produce a 3D recreation of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., as part of a new VR experience called The March. This first-of-its-kind …

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