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Mulan VFX Breakdown By Image Engine VFX

Mulan VFX Breakdown By Image Engine VFX

Mulan’s Hollywood premiere was held on March 9, 2020. Originally scheduled to be a wide theatrical release, it was ultimately canceled in the United States after being delayed multiple times due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Disney instead premiered the film on September 4, 2020, on Disney+

Film produced by Walt Disney Pictures Directed by Niki Caro

VFX Done By Image Engine VFX

Image Engine contributed a variety of effects to the film including expansive digital environments, set extensions, creature animation, and effects and simulation across 271 shots.

Production VFX Supervisors: Sean Faden
Production VFX Producer: Diana Giorgiutti
Image Engine VFX Supervisor: Christian Irles
Image Engine VFX Producer: Lilian Bravo

Source : https://www.vfxexpress.com/mulan-vfx-breakdown-by-image-engine-vfx