• December 17, 2019

Who We Are

CG Lab Private Limited was founded in Jan 2010 with a focus on delivering quality work at reasonable rates. Located in Mumbai, our focus has always been cleanup / rig removal, match moving / tracking and rotoscopy. Recently we have added compositing services and 3d modelling to our bouquet of services offered.

We have been fortunate enough to work on some of the best projects out there. Be it Hollywood features or spots for the Super Bowl. We have also worked on some music videos for some of the best singers out there. Done a couple of on air promos and corporate videos too. Our list of clients from all over the world speaks for itself that we have been one of the leaders in the industry in what we do.

Our founder and CEO, Murad Currawalla has over 20 years of experience ranging from planning on-set productions for VFX in Mumbai to working in Los Angeles as a freelancer at various VFX and motion 3D graphic design houses. With that experience of working in different countries, he has been able to deliver the results expected from our clients overseas. Do contact us and we will be happy to share references.

Our Services


CG Lab is one of the front runners in the field with delivering mattes for over a decade. We have always focused on quality and provide additional mattes to give our clients more control while compositing services our shots. We also provide a motion blur matte when needed.

Compositing Services

While we assist our clients in delivering the mattes they need for a comp. We also composite the shot if needed. We have done numerous set extensions to comping green screen shots. We are also regularly asked to comp screens onto hand held devices and the like.

Rotoscoping & Chroma Keying

Visual Connections is fully capable of handling this process-intensive task of Rotoscoping & Chroma Keying so your Production team can utilize the time on the more creative aspects of the project.

3D Modelling

We do 3d modelling of objects as well as characters. We have experience in cleaning up 3d scans and laying out the UV’s as well. 3d Models also include complex models for production to low res models for games and simulations.


We don’t just aim to make commercials that look great; but rather, they ought to deliver a compelling message to the viewers and leave a deep impact on them. Building on a simple idea for a brand/product and turning it into an insightful ad is what we’re about.

Visual Effects

Our VFX artists are talented, passionate and unwavering in their commitment to produce outstanding results in 2D VFX, 3D VFX, compositing services, matte painting, FX 3d Animation Studios and so on for any media platform that you desire.


Over the last few years we have been assigned the task of doing a lot of beauty work ranging from removing wrinkles and pimples. To doing tummy tucks and creases on shirts. We have also done a lot of miscellaneous cleanup work to enhance a shot or simply adding set extensions.

Rig / Wire Removal

We regularly work on projects where we are asked to cleanup wires and other elements on set. We have also had to change the look. For example remove modern buildings so that shots look like they are from a century ago.

2D Animation

The 2D Animation Companies team at Visual Connections can bring to life any inanimate characters in your 2D motion production through vibrant character designs and lovable environments.


Documentaries don’t need to be boring. Our documentary production services comprises of expert scripting to articulate direction to gripping voice over narration so that the story we tell are highly intuitive and well appreciated.

3D Animation

Ranging from short films & documentaries to full-length feature films, we are capable of delivering impactful 3D Animation Company services on your corporate training videos, TV advertisements, Web series and more.


We do rigging for characters and sometimes even objects to enable our clients to animate. We rig elements based on the need of the project from simple to complex setups.

Match Moving / Tracking

We offer a wide range of match moving / tracking services. We deliver the camera and tracking data in whatever format the client needs to work within their pipeline. We have also been able to deliver 3d data that works in compositing services packages as well. Apart from match moving, we also do 2d tracking for screens to be inserted onto handheld shots.

Keying / Green Screen Removal

We do a lot of matte extraction from footage that is shot on a chroma screen. Many a time our clients do expect us to comp the shot as well.

Promotional Videos

Whether it is a new product launch, a web video or an event promo, the Promotional Video Production services at Visual Connections is ensured to help grab the mindshare of your target audience.

Corporate Films

Corporate films have their own added incentive for any business. Our Corporate Film Production team brings with it highly creative and original ideas that inspire and motivate the audience.

Product Simulations

Visual Connections can create very effective and detailed 3D interactive product demonstrations through carefully crafted and detailed 3D Animation Company. Our simulation models help you in virtual prototyping and saving on manufacturing costs.

Motion Graphics

The Motion 2D and 3D graphic design services we offer make clever usage of 3D Animation Studios technologies and video footage that can function as great video openers or promotional trailers that draw the audiences in and keep them engaged.